To Be One ‭ : ‬In Virtual Space

106 × 165 cm (42 × 65 in)

The flattening and melding aspect of the 3D scanning process was utilized to envision an alternative reality for my queer‭, ‬brown‭, ‬Arab body‭. ‬As reality is far from ideal‭, ‬many people in my position find refuge in virtual space—and not only for dating‭.‬

In this reality‭, ‬I infused my body with words that represent my identity‭, ‬which is often not allowed to exist in normative space and narratives‭. The poster frame also acts as a medium between reality and the virtual space‭. ‬As such‭, ‬from our perspective‭, ‬we can only see the figure as a freakish chimera‭. ‬But beyond our limited spectrum of vision‭, ‬the shadow shows a unified essence‭.